Episode 013: Construction and Conversation

Heavy Lifting. Well, Major left Everest Base Camp yesterday and we have no idea how he’s doing. In the meantime, we’ve begun building a stupa for our camp. This alter will be used in our blessing ceremony, or Puja, in a few days’ time. I’ve seen images and small snippets of video from pujas but I’ve never experienced one myself. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s obvious that the sherpas have built these small stupas–chortens in Tibetan–before. They’re quite good at it. Our little camp is probably the furthest up towards the trail to Advanced Base Camp and so we see just about everyone who passes on the path. There’s actually a lot more foot traffic than I thought there would be. There’s a lot of people here! I’ve been told by Dawa that after the puja our chorten will be strung with lots of prayer flags. It’s going to be quite beautiful.

This afternoon Ben and I walked a bit up the moraine to where there are a bunch of small, cold ponds of water. It is a striking area and we conducted our first Base Camp interviews. I’m finding that it’s hard to get a bad shot up here with all of the amazing scenery. It’s a lot of fun and takes my mind off of my pounding headache and the slight nausea I’ve been experiencing since we arrived. It’s so hard to eat when you’re suffering from the effects of altitude. I know it will get better, but it’s a real drag.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 21:11

Email from Major’s wife, Nancy

I need help. Major called Tues. nite ( your time) from Katmandu, he was pretty out of it and I’m a little concerned. He was suppose to call Wed. morning and/or Wed nite and I haven’t heard from him. What was the name of the Hotel that you guys stayed at? That’s where he checked in. Call me or e-mail me so I can try and track him down!

Dispatch 12, April 15, 2003, 17,000’ Everest Base-camp
Today was spent acclimatizing, adjusting to the altitude, and planning for our first foray onto the mountain. Each morning Everest looms in the distance. The sunset was amazing tonight. This was the first sunset we have seen on the world’s highest peak.

Ben Clark

  • Manukathapa

    It does indeed feel like I travelled with you all too!! =)