Episode 032: French Cooking, Part 2

“The People With the Boat, They Coming With the Fish”. Tonight Ben, Bertrand, Allan and I were treated to some fine French Cuisine at Denis’ camp. It was wonderful. Our camp has the finest Nepali food in town, and Dawa’s a true master, but this was a very pleasant change of pace. We’ve all become close so far in this expedition. Our two French teammates are usually off visiting other camps during the day and so we’ve been making friends by association with them.

Yes, we’re at Everest, but at times it reminds me of my summers up at Camp Gohram in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. I would go there every summer as a kid and the atmosphere up here is strangely familiar. I guess that under all of the constant misery…we’re having a good time with new friends.

Denis is a veteran climber and has learned a thing or two about how to expedition right. He’s brought an entire “pantry” of his favorite French foods with him. It’s a great comfort to have familiar food in an alien environment. Totally understandable. Tonight we dined by candlelight on olives, Ricard, sausages, almonds, various savory meats and red wine!

It was a lovely evening filled with great food and great company. Viva la France!!

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 19:06

Email From Jon’s Best Friend

From:Scott Jacobs
Subject: Inspired!
Date: May 10, 2003 10:07:41 AM MDT
To:Jon Miller

Hello Jon,
Today I witnessed the most incredible sunrise. I was driving into work along the Charles River in Boston. The city has many layers with skyscrapers towering over the “old city” and the sun was just coming up, behind them and was bright red. It has been the only quiet time that I have had in recent days.

I hope that you are experiencing the same beauty but with the constant peace I imagine Everest can grant. Tibet, the Himalayas and the Mountain must be incredible. A life changer! What an amazing journey that you are a part of. I am hoping the best for Ben and yourself today. Be strong.
I leave for Georgia tomorrow. I will try to email next weekend when I get settled into my classes. I am guessing that the summit is any day? I will keep you in my thoughts.

I look back over my adventures my fears,
Those small ones that seem so big,
For all of the vital things that I had to get and reach,
Yet there is only one great thing,
The only thing,
To live and see the new day that dawns and the light that fills the world.

Inniut Prayer, Song and Scott’s favorite poem.