Episode 036: The Highest Theater In The World

BC, DVD’s and RNRM. Today I was visited by Dave, a member of the Royal Navy/Royal Marines (RNRM) camp. He was curious if I could play DVD’s on my laptop. Well, of course I could, so he asked my if I would be interested in joining in a top-secret military operation.

Now, I wasn’t exactly sure what he had in mind, but I do know Dave pretty well these days. He’s slightly mischievous. I couldn’t resist.

We headed over to the RNRM camp where I found some of the other guys pulling these large expedition banners down and re-hanging them at the front of their mess tent. Dave had smuggled a small video projector into their expedition gear and Steve the communications manager had some amplified computer speakers. It was all coming together…they were going to build a movie theater at Base Camp! For a couple of hours I felt like the A-Team as we improvised construction of our screen and theater seating.

The RNRM laptops were malfunctioning due to the altitude so we hooked my Mac laptop up to the projector. Everything worked and the picture clarity was amazing.

Tonight’s debut film? “Swordfish” with John Travolta.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 22:44

From: Jonathan Miller
Date: 05/12/2003 09:30AM
Subject: Re: My Meat Foot.

Hi mom,
Everything is fine up here …except the damn generator. I had a pretty
good run with it today, though and charged all of my camera batteries.
I’m pretty happy about that. Ben is up on the mountain resting for the
next few days at ABC. My friend Tom just descended to BC today and he said he saw Ben and everything looked OK. I’ve been trying to reach Ben via radio to no avail. Maybe the weather up there just isn’t very comfy and he doesn’t want to go through the difficulties of moving into a better position. Anyway, I’m giving up on trying to record a radio
conversation and sending it out as an audio dispatch. I’ll send
everyone a long email dispatch tomorrow.

My toe is fine. Just looks really funky. I don’t have any pain anymore
and it’s healing really well. Last night I went to the little
shantytown at the edge of BC for some real Tibetan food with some
British friends of mine. We had a good time, Julian, Rupert, Stuart,
Richard and me. Then I brought my computer over to the British Royal
Navy camp to watch a DVD. They happened to bring a little video
projector with them…so we just hook it up to my Apple laptop and turn
their tent into the world’s highest Cinema! The picture’s quite large
and good, and they have amplified speakers. It’s a lot of fun. Tonight
we’re doing it again for the third time. Base camp really is like
nowhere else! I’m having a lot of fun now, really have gotten into the
swing of things…and I’m filming everyone and everything. It’s
great….but I’d (and everyone else) would leave in a second if we
could. But, there’s company in misery.

Hope all is well in Rochester…It sure feels like the Lilac Festival
is only a dream when you’ve been living out here at BC!
Love, Jon