Episode 040: Another Reason For Everest

Catholics, Protestants and Everest. Not long after enjoying some chicken over at the St Petersburg camp, I filmed an interview with my friend Richard.

Richard is the head of the Northern Ireland team and they’ve got a pretty interesting hook to their expedition. Their team is composed of Catholics and Protestants and it’s a big deal. They are climbing Everest together to show that these differences of religious beliefs should in no way hinder friendships and teamwork. Richard is climbing with two friends: Banjo Bannon and David Sharp. I just really like this team. These guys are great fun.

The only thing the team has had trouble with is health issues. Right away two members of their support team had to leave to to issues with altitude. It was a similar situation to what we experienced with Major when he left. Then, Richard had a scary experience on the North Col where his throat swelled shut nearly suffocating him.

He’s doing better now, but will be staying down at Base Camp for a few more days. I know it would be best for him to be climbing, but I’m glad to have him around.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 26:27

2007 Update:

Jon here–

I just wanted to break tradition in my writing here and say that since 2003 Richard Dougan has turned the beloved cottages he purchased into rental units available for holiday. He has also taken his team building experience to the next level by opening an adventure center. The Lurgaboy Adventure Centre offers courses in teamwork, leadership, communication and personal skills for youth, adult and corporate groups.

And the best part is, it’s all located on 35 spectacular acres of countryside in County Armagh, Northern Ireland.

Please consider taking the time to visit Richard’s newest adventure!


Tell him Jon sent you…