Bonus Episode: Tibet 2007 Teaser

Back From Everest! Well, we made it back in one piece. It was unbelievable to gaze on Everest with my own eyes again. Even better was the fact that I didn’t have to stay for another 2 months!

Again, I was not returning to Everest to climb the mountain. I wanted to go back to meet up with other climbers who might not have a way to share their stories with the world. I met many teams and handed out “Rest of Everest” business cards like they were going out of style (I hope they’re not!). Several people have agreed to share their photos and video with us once they return. What this means is that I’ll have at least another year of fresh episodes once my 2003 video footage comes to an eventual end.

And then there are the plans I have in the works for next year…top secret!

So, I’d just like to take the opportunity to say “thank you” to all of my supporters. Since I’m a video guy, I thought I’d say thanks in the best way I know how. Here is a “best of” video from my first watching of the video footage I shot over the last month in Tibet. It’s a little rough, but it’s honest.

I’d also like to say thank you to my dear friend Scott Jacobs. Scott, you were a tremendous traveling partner and how wonderful to spend time with you in Tibet after 15 years of talking about going there together! Tashi Dele!!

As I post this message, it’s April 25th. Don’t forget that there’s another month of climbing left in this Spring season. Please continue to check in on the Tibet 2007 blogĀ as teams will continue to post climbing updates on that site.

Ben Clark is in Tibet as I type this attempting an alpine-style ascent of 8012m Shishapangma. Best to him and his climbing partner Tim Clarke.

Next week, I’ll return to the 2003 expedition footage with Episode 42. See you then!


Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 33:36

Tibet 2007 in HD

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Thanks again!