Episode 044: Predicting The Future

Is The Window Opening? One of the specific terms that gets thrown around in Everest conversations at BC is “Weather Window”. This is referring to the coveted series of nice days where people will be safest to push to the summit. So far, that window has been stuck shut.

Over the past couple of weeks climbers have simply been sitting on their hands and waiting it out. However, these are NOT the type of people who enjoy staying still! These men and women want to get moving up the hill. Of course, that could be deadly if a strong storm moves in while they’re up high, so people are desperate for weather forecasts.

Luckily, one of the things that I can do to help is offer my internet connection, and the time to use it. People are pouring over various Everest information websites trying to find as many forecasts as possible. Of course, with the nature of the internet, not all of these sites are giving the same general forecast. So, some climbers are doing their best to separate the wheat from the chaff. Others are simply choosing the weather reports that are the most positive and planning around those.

Earlier in the expedition the pressure was on to climb up high to simply acclimatize to the altitude. Now, the pressure is on to really make to the summit. Once that window opens, it will only stay open for a short time. The annual monsoon weather pattern across India is headed our way. It will arrive in the next couple of weeks. Once it does, it means that the weather window will not only shut, but will be locked and the key thrown away until September at the earliest.

The clock is ticking.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 19:10

Hello Everyone!

This is just a reminder that the Tibet 2007 podcast of The Rest of Everest is still active. In fact, Ben just posted an audio dispatch from his travels a day ago.

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