Bonus Episode: Alan Arnette

Memories Are Everything. As promised here is an introduction video for my friend Alan Arnette. Alan will be climbing Everest Spring 2008 to raise money for Alzheimer’s research.

In fact, Alan is trying to raise $100,000 towards a cure for the disease and is climbing several different mountains on the way to Everest this coming Spring. He’s created an entire campaign called “The Road Back To Mount Everest: Memories Are Everything”.

Right now Alan is back in Nepal getting ready to head into Tibet for a climb of Shishapangma, the 14th highest mountain in the world. This is going to be a training climb to get him prepared to tackle Everest in the coming months.

As a faithful viewer of The Rest of Everest, please show Alan your support by visiting his website and saying hello. Also, please consider making a small monetary donation towards his goal of $100,000. Climbing Everest is the easy part. Help make the fundraising more successful.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be releasing more Shishapangma content from Alan into the Rest of Everest podcast feed. Stay tuned….

Thanks everyone.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 18:41