Episode 060: Packing Up And Shipping Out

Goodbye Everest. Goodbye Chomolungma. We all woke up early this morning to finish packing and strike the camp. It’s time to leave and I have to admit I’m totally ready.

Everest has changed my life. No question about it. I am a different person today than I was when we arrived on April 12. I am so grateful for all of the memories and friendships I’ve created. BUT, it’s time to head home.

I have to admit, last night was the most difficult night I’ve had during this entire journey. I couldn’t stop thinking about my wife, Heidi and how much I’m looking forward to seeing her. She’s been so supportive over the last two months and I will be returning with some really nice gifts that I cannot wait to give her. But that’s only partly why I’m excited to be returning home. Mostly, we need some good “alone time” together.

Yes, indeed.

I thought I’d be somewhat sad tearing down the camp which has been my home for so long. But I wasn’t. This journey is coming to an end and I’m looking forward to beginning the journey of pouring over all of this footage and beginning the writing and editing of the film. Everest is so amazing to experience for yourself, but I’m possibly even more excited about sharing my experience with the world.

Being able to share this expedition with anyone who will watch is one of the coolest things about what I do for a living.

Thank you, Everest. I will miss you.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 20:04