Episode 063: A New Beginning

The First Step Of The Journey Is Always Boring. After months of saving, planning and panicking, I’m back on the other side of the planet in Kathmandu.

I just love Kathmandu and it’s a good thing, too. It just takes so long to get here! Scott and I left Denver on Sunday and didn’t arrive in Nepal until Tuesday. Denver, LA, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Kathmandu. I made it through the LA to Hong Kong leg–15 hours–without much trouble but the HK to Bangkok leg was the worst. All of the stress I had been building up inside me as I tried to make this trip a reality welled up inside of me and manifested itself as the most intense nausea I’ve ever experienced. When you’re that nauseous, there’s only one inevitable outcome. I erupted into a magnificent fountain of some sort of exotic fruit juice I had tried to choke down hours earlier.

It took Scott completely by surprise. I remember him uttering a low, slow-motion “whoooooaaaaa” as I gushed all over my pants, my Chaco sandals and the bulkhead wall in front of us. I quickly maneuvered into the toilet just in front of us for Round Two, and sat on the floor for a couple of minutes. After that, I hoisted myself up to look into the bathroom mirror and saw the life and color flood back into my face. I smiled at my reflection and said to myself, “the adventure begins.”

We were picked up at the Kathmandu airport by our good friend Babu “Karma” Sherpa and taken back to the Thamel district and the Hotel Marshyangdi. It was so good to see Karma.

I didn’t film much those first few hours back in Nepal as we had to discuss the fact that our baggage was missing. Probably still in Thailand.

But oh, it is so great to be in Kathmandu again. I’ll worry about the MIA baggage later. Time to go to the New Orleans Cafe for some Dhal Bat.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 23:18