Episode 070: Kathmandu…Again

Old McDawa Had A Farm. After leaving Pokhara we headed out on the long 200km drive back to Kathmandu. The weather was still hazy and the distant views were nonexistent, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t anything to see.

After driving for a few hours we stopped on the shoulder of the road to take a pee break. You can either think of the Nepal Highway as having NO rest areas and bathrooms, or you can think of it as having one continuous bathroom because you just relieve yourself on the side of the road whenever you feel nature calling.

So, we all did our part watering the grass where we pulled over and then noticed that there was quite a bit of activity down below us in a large valley. We saw a number of women dressed in their colorful saris all standing in shin-deep water planting rice seedlings.

We had seen so many rive fields along our journey to Pokhara but never saw anyone working them. It was very interesting to see how labor intensive it all is. I have so much respect for these people. They had other patches of the terraced fields filled with leafy vegetables that looked ready to harvest. It is pretty obvious that these women and men that we watched were growing the food for their community.

After making it back into Kathmandu, Scott and I headed over to the New Orleans Cafe to meet up with Brian Oestrike and Justin Hewitt. I’ve mentioned these guys before in previous podcasts and it was great to have a large dinner with them…all paid for with donation money I’d received from The Rest of Everest’s audience. Thanks for that.

The guys are going to attempt Everest to support a non-profit organization called LUNGevity. Brian had recently lost his mother to lung cancer and LUNGevity supports research for a cure to this devastating disease.

I really like these guys and we’ll be following their climb and expect to meet up with them at Base Camp in Tibet. I really respect Everest climbers who are supporting a cause.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 23:34