Episode 074: News From Home

Yak. It’s What’s For Dinner. After visiting the amazing Jokhang Temple, Lobsang took us to a nice restaurant to have dinner. After perusing the menu all three of us decided to go for the Yak.

With Tibetan pop music playing over the ceiling speakers in the New Mandela restaurant we ate our first Tibetan meal. It was quite good, and very different from what I remembered at Base Camp in 2003. Of course, that’s probably because the food was prepared in a modern kitchen in Lhasa and not cooked over a yak dung fire in a plastic tarp tent as I was accustomed to…

Scott was very eager to try the yak and he really enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty good as well, even though my eating habits lean towards vegetarianism.

At one point during our pleasant dinner Scott kind of sat bolt upright and you could see he was thinking about something profound. Later he said that he had the sudden realization that he was in Lhasa, Tibet eating real Tibetan food. How cool is that?

Pretty cool, as long as you’re not a yak.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 21:35