Episode 076: Altitude, Elevation and Elation

Movin’ On Up. We spent our last few hours in Lhasa this morning. Of course, Scott and I had to make a few more Koras around the Jokhang before setting out onto the Friendship Highway.

Lobsang was very pleased with us. He told Scott that all of those Koras will make Scott a “very righteous man.” Cool. So, Scott’s got that going for him.

After packing up, we piled everything into the Land Cruiser and our driver, Yunglo expertly maneuvered the vehicle through the crowded Lhasa streets and out onto the open road where we immediately began climbing up to a mountain pass. I’m going to miss Lhasa. Must come back to this magical place.

It will still be a few more days away, but we’re finally on the road to Everest. I wonder what incredible sights await up around the next turn.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 23:15