Episode 078: Gyangtse

Instant Karma’s Going To Get You. Today we visited the Kumbum, the largest chorten, or stupa in Tibet. This place was a feast for the eyes, and I WAS able to photograph everything I wanted!

Right next door to the Kumbum was a temple where the monks at this monastery prayed. We climbed to the roof and were able to look out over the city of Gyangtse. It was beautiful.

Suddenly I heard some snickering from beside me as I was filming and looking through my viewfinder. It was Lobsang, and he had taken some of the snow up on the roof and made a nice, fat snowball. There were dogs socializing in the courtyard in front of the temple, and soon they were moving targets for an impromptu snowball attack. He didn’t want to hit any of the dogs, just surprise them with sudden explosions of slushy snow nearby. It certainly worked.

An hour or so later, Scott and I were up on the top floor of the tall Kumbum admiring the view from this higher platform. We looked down onto the same courtyard and saw Lobsang walking around waiting for us. We slowly gathered up some of the soft snow on the Kumbum and made our own snowballs. We began a playful assault on out intrepid guide.

We didn’t want to hit Lobsang, just surprise him with sudden explosions of slushy snow nearby.

John Lennon was right. Shine on.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 26:14

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Thank you so much,

Jon Miller