Episode 079: Shigatse

Smile And Say (Yak) Cheese! We’re steadily making our way towards Everest and are now in the city of Shigatse. This is the 2nd largest city in Tibet and home to the 5th largest monastery, Tashilunpo.

You’d think that Scott and I would be getting used to seeing monasteries, but you’d be wrong. Although they share many of the same kinds of buildings and architecture, they are all unique. Case in point: while we were hanging out with a group of young monks one of them grabbed Scott’s digital camera and began taking photos with it.

He wanted to take pictures of his friends and suddenly had a group of them posing and hamming it up in front of the camera. He’d snap a picture and then they would all gather around the camera to look at the image on the LCD display. Upon seeing the shot, they’d all begin howling with laughter and delight.

We didn’t realize right away that these monks were actually supposed to be working by serving tea to the larger group of monks praying in the temple we were in front of. We heard some loud yelling in Tibetan coming from inside the temple and suddenly the group of monks we were hanging with stopped laughing and all filed inside of the temple.

Apparently we were causing them to be delinquent in their duties. I hope he didn’t get them in too much trouble, because it was a great afternoon for Scott and myself!

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 25:47

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