Episode 085: Good Morning Everest

What A View To Wake Up To. We met up with the LUNGevity team and I decided to to do some impromptu interviews with them. I knew right away where I wanted to film them. The Base Camp swimming pools.

OK, lets be clear about this. These are natural pools of water, glacial tarns, that have formed in the Rongbuk Glacier as it has been melting. No, there aren’t any man-made swimming pools here. At least not yet.

In 2003 I joked around with the Royal Navy/Royal as we were setting up the makeshift “movie theater” that in the not to distant future someone would build and IMAX movie theater up here so that tourists could watch the film ‘Everest’ on a gigantic screen so it would appear as big as life. “Watching the film on the huge IMAX screen was so lifelike it was almost like being there” the happy tourists would say. Ah, that dry British humor.

Anyway, back to 2007. I interviewed Brian and Justin overlooking one of the few glacial tarns and it was incredibly beautiful, The water is almost perfectly clear and an intense shade of turquoise. Really majestic. Not everyone knows these pools exist but I spent a lot of time up here last time around. I felt really cool that I knew about them and was able to take Scott and the guys up there.

While I was doing the interview I switched on to work mode and blasted through a number of (hopefully) meaningful questions. As everyone knows, I’m a talker, and I love filming interviews with interesting people.

Once the interviews were over and we were packing up all of my gear I realized that I felt terrible. I was really hurting from the altitude and felt nauseous and had a splitting headache. Didn’t feel a thing while I was filming!

Not to worry. After a couple of quarts of water and some milk tea I felt fully recuperated. Good thing too. Feeling sick makes me depressed and I’ve cried enough on this trip already!

Scott and I are having the time of our lives.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 16:33

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