Episode 087: Technical Support

Talking Shop At 17,000 Feet. After the puja ended, Scott and I wandered around BC looking for people to chat with. Most everyone who is going to be climbing Everest this year has arrived and are setting up their camps.

I told a friend back in Colorado that I would search out the 7SummitsClub.com team and say hello to Alex, the team leader. Their camp wasn’t easy to miss since they had a huge banner advertising who they were. I walked over and met a nice Russian man fiddling around with his video camera.

His name is Maxim and he was having trouble with exactly how he should be filming with his camera. It happened to be the consumer version of the pro camera I’m shooting this trek with so I told him I’d be happy to help.

As everyone knows, I like to talk…and I am a video gear junkie since it’s my vocation and my avocation all rolled into one. Combine the two and you can’t stop me! Maxim invited us in to the team’s dining tent and since he didn’t speak english as well as he’d have like to he had a teammate translate for us. I was able to show him how to solve his problem (yay!) and we laughed at how great Sony technical support was since they sent a technician all the way up to Everest to fix his camera!

I just love this stuff. Everest, camera gear, Russians and talking. I’m in my element up here.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 26:58

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