Episode 089: Dingri, Old Tingri

“He Has Asked For The Pancake.” Well, here we are back in Tingri. Not New Tingri but Old Tingri, the gateway to the Everest region in Tibet. Honestly I never thought I’d be back here after 2003, but life is funny that way.

Of all the experiences I’ve had in Tibet, Old Tingri is one I can do without. This place is just so rough. You might think it looks a lot like Shegar did, and you’d be right, but Tingri has something else: more tourist traffic. See, almost every expedition that goes to the North side of Everest here in Tibet passes through Tingri.

For many climbers, this is their first taste or rural Tibet. Since most people only spend a couple of days here acclimating to the altitude–and are slightly altitude sick when they arrive–people tent to mistreat Tingri a bit.

All of that comes through in the energy and the feeling of this place. It just feels tired and abused.

We’ll do our best to treat it with respect. Thank goodness we’re only spending one night here!

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 22:22

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