Episode 091: Out Of The Coulds, Into The Heat

A Fond Farewell To Good Friends. Well, it was inevitable. Scott and I left Tibet today and crossed over the border and back into Nepal. It was difficult to leave but I know I’ll be back sometime soon. I hope.

I love Tibet. I am fascinated by the landscapes, the people and quite honestly the energy I feel while visiting that magical place. It’s so difficult to put into words just what Tibet means to me but hopefully the podcast will help me explain all of that to everyone who watches.

The hardest part about leaving Tibet was saying goodbye to our good friends Lobsang and Yunglo. Lobsang in particular made the visit an experience that I will never forget.

We said goodbye at the checkpoint before the Friendship Bridge. You can’t film or take pictures anywhere near the border so I left my camera in my backpack.It’s too bad, really, because I would have liked to film some kind of farewell. Lobsang is going to be a friend for life after this trip.

Scott and I surprised our Tibetan friends with two very generous tips for a job well done. Once we said our final goodbyes we crossed over the bridge and into Kodari, Nepal. Immediately I noticed everything was different. The people looked different, the cars looked different, even the temperature and the environment was different.

What I also noticed was that after Tibet, I’m different too.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 22:54