Episode 093: The End Of The Tibet 2007 Trek

One Journey Ends, Another Begins. The last evening in Kathmandu was great. Scott and I went for pizza at Fire & Ice and purchased the rest of the gifts destined for friends and family. It was wonderful, and it even started to rain.

The weather has been hot and hazy in Nepal and the rain cooled things off and cleared the air. The management of the Marshyangdi Hotel had given us the entire top floor which has this wonderful marble patio with a sheltered view of the city. After packing our bags we spent the last few hours of the evening enjoying the view and thinking about our college days when we both thought it would be cool to trek to Everest some day.

Well, almost 15 years later we have now completed that dream. How wonderful to still be close friends with Scott after all of these years!

My life is almost indistinguishable from the one I thought I would be living when I was 19 and dreaming about the future. I was studying to be an archaeologist or a history teacher. Now, I own a small video production company, try my best to make interesting television commercials, and occasionally get to travel to the Himalayas to film content for a “podcast” that gets “downloaded” over the “Internet.”

In short, my life is so much more interesting than my inexperienced teenaged imagination could ever have concocted.

So, now that this journey has come to an end I feel fully prepared for the journey that lies ahead of me: It’s time to become a Dad.

Heidi, I’m coming home.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 42:48

A Few Notes About This Week’s Season Finale.

I want to congratulate viewer “Michigan Bob” for writing the wining review in the iTunes Podcast Directory for the Rest of Everest t-shirt giveaway. “MB”, when you see this, send me an email letting me know who you are and give me your address. I’ve got a hand-embroidered shirt from Kathmandu waiting for you. The contest continues as I’m trying to reach 200 reviews in the iTunes US Podcast Directory. I’ll announce the next winner once we reach review #200 and this time I’ll be giving away two Rest of Everest embroidered t-shirts!

I also want to remind any of you who are interested in the 2009 Everest Base Camp Trek & Photographic Workshop to sign up for the email list on the website www.EverestTrek2009.com. We will initially be releasing all of the information about the trek, and how to register for it, to everyone on that list. Registration will be first-come-first-served so be sure your name is on the list!

Finally, I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support of The Rest of Everest. The Tibet 2007 Series (otherwise known as The Rest of Everest’s 2nd season) was a greater success than I ever thought it would be. It was very different from the original mountaineering formula of the 1st season and I’m just so pleased that the show continued to entertain, inform and inspire so many of you.

For those of you who have continued to watch every episode, to those of you who have emailed to say hello, to those of you who I’ve had the great fortune to meet in person: thank you for your time, your financial- and most importantly your morale-support.

This may be the end of the Tibet 2007 Trek, but there’s still so much more amazing episodes headed your way. Please stay subscribed. You will not be disappointed.