Episode 104: A Room With A View

The Line of Demarcation. The guys finally get the chance to begin upward progress on the mountain. They make it to a point above 19,000 feet and set up Camp 1.

It is rather amazing how much work it takes to establish a camp. You cannot just grab a tent from out of the back of your car and find a level piece of ground to set it up on. Here on A4, the only level ground is located wherever you make it.

An making level ground on a peak means digging – lots of digging- to create a tent platform.

Well, at least with all of the snow around it won’t be necessary to grab a cooler out of the car to keep the beer cold. Oh, wait, there’s no beer.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 20:02

  • anyonymous

    This is great. I really like it. The background music is distracting but I like the video