Episode 114: Season 4 Introduction, The Highest Photography Workshop In The World

Back To Everest…Again. The highly anticipated season 4 of The Rest of Everest begins this week with a nice overview of what to expect from the Everest Trek 2009 episodes.

It’s always exciting to begin producing a new season of the show. Luckily every season is very different and this new series changes everything. This time I returned to Everest but visited a side of the mountain I’d never seen before-the South Side in Nepal.

Of course, the “new” side of the mountain wasn’t the only thing different about this trip. This time I brought some of the podcast audience with me so that they could see Everest for themselves. It wasn’t your standard trek though. I partnered with my good friend Chris Marquardt from the photography podcast Tips From The Top Floor and we turned the trek into the world’s highest photography workshop!

It was a wonderful experience for everyone and was so successful that we’re going to be holding another workshop trek in 2010.

This Season 4 kick-off episode is just a brief overview of what you’ll see in the coming weeks and a recap of where we’ve been over the past few years.

Next week, we return to Kathmandu!

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 14:43