Episode 117: No Trains, No Planes, No Automobiles

Too Much Information. We walked out of Lukla and left the infrastructure of modern life behind us. From here on out, there will be no roads and the only trains will be yak trains. How cool is that?

At lunch today I gave the first of a series of planned speeches in an effort to try and save many in our group from the discomforts I’ve experienced on past visits to Everest. Well, it wasn’t so much of a speech as it was more of a talk. As important as “The Talk” a parent may have to explain sex to their children and educate them as quickly as possible about some very important issues. Of course there wasn’t a single mention of anything sexy in my talk.

Nope, this time I talked about poop. And farting. And the trifecta of pooping while farting while trekking.

I’m sure some of the group thought I was joking as I warned them about the possible gastrointestinal adventures they may have over the following 2 weeks.

Well, unfortunately my talk was completely facts-based. And just like everywhere else on the planned, even on Everest,…sh*t happens. Sometimes, even in your pants.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 41:43