Episode 118: Photos Just Don’t Do It…

“In Person” Is Important. The podcast has been a great tool to get people around the world familiar with the Everest region. But this morning it became clear there’s no competition for personal experience.

We arrived into camp yesterday as it began to rain and the clouds were low, obscuring the view of our surroundings. The staff woke us up at 6am this morning and we greeted the new day with hot tea and a stunning, 360 degree view of these himalayan foothills. It was truly spectacular and there just was no way to capture the feeling of the moment in photos or video. And this was only the first morning of the trek!

Still. for the sake of the show it’s important to try and capture the moment. Hopefully some of this amazing place will translate to the podcast and the audience. Maybe some of it will even be done well enough to inspire some people to visit the Himalayas themselves?

Who knows? It certainly worked for this group!

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 38:00