Episode 120: Namche Bazaar

Wolfes And Wildcards. We woke up to our first morning here in Namche and another stunning view right out of our tents. In fact the view is so beautiful it makes yesterday’s difficulties fade away to a distant memory.

Well, maybe not for Steve and Andi Wolfe. They had an epic day yesterday that will probably be burned into their memories forever.

We gained over 3500 feet of elevation between our first night’s camp and our campsite here in Namche. That’s substantial and certainly the altitude is taking it’s toll on everyone. Unfortunately for Steve, his toll was a bit more expensive.

At some point after lunch yesterday Steve’s condition deteriorated rapidly to the point where he could barely walk and was having difficulty breathing. It was a true struggle to make it up to our camp. Luckily, though, with the help of his wife Andi and several members of our Sherpa staff he was able to walk into camp under his own power. It was an extremely long and stressful day for the Wolfe’s, though. They arrived about 4 hours after the rest of the group.

Obviously the altitude “wildcard” was at play here because Steve is a very fit guy. He’s in great shape, he’s tough, he’s an experienced hiker and he just loves the outdoors. He didn’t do anything specific to cause his altitude sickness…it simply was his turn.

After a good night’s sleep, some food and lots of water he seems to have made a full recovery. That’s perfect and it just show’s how random that altitude wildcard can be.

Altitude changes everything.

Even if you’re a Wolfe. You can still get bitten.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 35:23

I’d like to take a minute to congratulate Chris Marquardt on his release last week of episode 400 of his Tips From The Top Floor podcast!

Reaching even just 50 episodes is a huge milestone for a podcast and so 400 is almost unheard of.

I know many of you Rest of Everest viewers are also subscribers to Chris’ show but if you aren’t then now is the time to check it out. This week he is launching the first of his video episodes that will document his perspective from the Everest Trek 2009 adventure.

While my show documents the over-all experience of the trek (you know, like toilets and stuff), Chris’ coverage will focus on the educational aspect of the workshop we were teaching as we made our way to Everest.

We called it “The Highest Photography Workshop In The World” and you’re all invited to attend through his episodes. Just head on over totipsfromthetopfloor.com and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a single lesson.

Congratulations again, Chris. I look forward to the next 400 episodes.