Episode 126: A Death In The Family

An Absolute Tragedy. While on an acclimatization hike today a message came down from base camp containing the worst news possible. Tendi’s brother has died higher up on Everest.

Tendi is our pacesetter – the guide at the front of the group with the bright orange pack. Over the past week we’ve all grown very fond of him and so we were all completely stunned to hear of his brother’s death.

The news was delivered by my good friend Dawa who received it via radio at a teahouse just below Dingboche. He quickly ran up and was able to find us on our hike and speak with Tendi. After a brief discussion Tendi, Dawa and a few other sherpas from our group told us that they needed to make it up to base camp right away. They needed to recover Tendi’s brother and take his body down to a lama to pray over him so his spirit can successfully transition from this life to the next.

I know that I will never forget the sight of our guys walking off into the distance towards Everest. It was a uniquely bittersweet moment due to the difficult task that lay ahead of them. They were walking off to recover a body which was so very sad, yet there was Tendi being accompanied by his close friends who were going to be there to help and support him. It was a beautiful expression of community.

It’s always terrible when someone dies on Everest but what happened to Tendi’s brother was especially tragic. As it turns out, he died from alcohol poisoning up at ABC after drinking liqueur he purchased in Lukla on his way in to Everest several weeks earlier. The liqueur he drank was spiked with rubbing alcohol which is poisonous to the human body.

I just can’t believe this has happened nor can I even faintly understand why anyone would deliberately sell that mixed concoction. I’m so shocked I’m almost speechless.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 38:21

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