Episode 130: A True Living Legend

Would You Like Some Yak Cheese To Go With That Whine? We all woke up very early today, because we need to maximize our trekking time. Today, some of us will make it to base camp.

It’s a very exciting day but I am just NOT a morning person. Especially at altitude. My tent mate John looked a bit groggy too.

As we’ve done throughout the trek, John and I recorded a new “John and Jon Morning Show” segment where we talked about being tired and cold and chapped and short of breath…that kind of stuff.

Thinking back on the recording now I feel what we were saying into the camera was a lot of silly whining. I mean, we’re in the Himalayas man! How cool is that?!?

Well, it’s very cool and even though we’re having the time of our lives on this trek, it still feels great to complain about a few things and purge our brains of that stuff. I can’t speak for John, but after we finished The Morning Show I realized that those whine items were dragging me down. Now that they’re gone I feel lighter and the lighter the better at altitude!

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 36:11