Episode 131: High Peaks & High Aspirations

This Is Exactly Why I Came. Continuing onward towards Gorak Shep we finally hit the mother lode–an endless panorama of the World’s highest mountains.

Leaving Lobuche so early this morning, I think, made everyone a bit tired as we started out and up on the trail. We’ve been trekking for well over a week now and it’s pretty amazing how easily your body adapts to the endless walking. I know, I know…for most people all over the world walking is their primary (or only) mode of transportation. I admit it. As an American I drive pretty much everywhere. We all do. So it’s good to know and feel that our legs can still get the job done when asked nicely.

Well before we could see Gorak Shep we could see the famous Khumbu Icefall in the distance. After looking a bit harder, we could notice a plethora of multi-colored nylon tents at the base of the Icefall.

Base Camp!

It was actually in sight. Not very far away, too. First things first, though, a “refueling” stop in the last outpost of Gorak Shep and then after eating we can head up. I’m not sure exactly who will be joining me up to Base Camp, but I know I’m going.

It’s not Base Camp that I’m particularly interested in. Nope, I want to make it up there to spend some time with my good friend Dawa, the cook and BC manager from the 2003 expedition.

We have a lot of catching up to do.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 37:29