Episode 133: Meanwhile On Kala Patthar

Two Different Places At The Same Time. Morning here at Base Camp was truly glorious. Those of us here are going to hang out a bit, but the rest of the group is on their way up Kala Patthar.

As we walked into BC yesterday the clouds were low and we arrived at the Mountain Tribes’ orange dome tent in a slight snow flurry. It’s always one of those things that you keep in the back of your mind–is the weather going to cooperate and let us have a view of what’s surrounding us.

Well, Mother Nature must have heard me because today the sky is crystal clear and the shade of blue you can really only get at altitude because we’re above so much of the atmosphere! I couldn’t be happier for John, Steve and Jeff and everyone going up Kala Patthar. This is the kind of weather you dream about having up here.

Speaking of Nature, “nature called” unexpectedly and urgently as John and I were filming our morning update in our tent. Al I can say is thank goodness for pee bottles. Oh, and being me I filmed the process, again putting “The Rest” in The Rest of Everest.

That footage will probably be another podcasting first…

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 30:28