Bonus Episode: Tips From The Top Floor Everest 2010 Teaser

Chris Beat Me To It! Here is the first teaser video from our Everest 2010 Trek & Photography Workshop hosted my Chris Marquardt, Monika Andrae and me! As you’ll see, we had quite an adventure.

Chris was first to have a teaser episode finished this year so he has kindly allowed me to add this video to my feed in case you haven’t seen it on his podcast yet or you are not a subscriber to his incredible, amazing, educational, entertaining and inspirational show. Interested in becoming a new subscriber to his podcast? Check it out at

I’ll have the edit for my teaser episode finished soon and once I post it we’ll return to weekly episodes from Season 4 which cover the 2009 trek and workshop. I can’t wait to show all of you the rest of that amazing trip!

Most of the material I filmed on the 2010 trip was shot in 3D using a special camera setup I created with the help of my good friend Danny Dodge. Familiar with the film Everest: The Other Side? Well, Danny is the narrator of that film. Thanks for the help with that, Danny!

While the regular episodes of Season 5 will not be released in 3D, I will try to release a bonus “3D teaser” in the coming weeks to show off that extra D and to see how many people I can get to wear the silly red/blue glasses we’re all familiar with!

Anyway, enjoy this first teaser and be sure to stay tuned after the credits for another video from Chris that explains one of your favorite inside jokes from both the 2009 and 2010 trips. I may be famous for filming toilets in the Everest region but Chris’ name is famous for quantifying what you do in said toilets.

Enough said. Enjoy!

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 19:02