Episode 137: The Agony Of DeFeet

Where’s The Snooze Button On A Sherpa? This morning Jon and I woke up a bit late. The activity of the past few days had left us pretty exhausted and being all warm and cozy in our individual sleeping bags made it tough to get up! Yes, it’s very easy to be comfy sleeping outdoors at nearly 17,000 feet…

Today will be the beginning of the trek downhill and back to Lukla so we can catch a plane and fly back to Kathmandu. The weather today is glorious–the same weather pattern we’ve been experiencing for the past several days where it’s clear in the morning but cloudy in the afternoon. So, this should shape up to be a very nice day for a downhill stroll.

OK, maybe it won’t actually be a stroll but we’re all acclimated now and we’ll be descending to “fatter air”. That should give everyone in the group a bit of an energy boost.

Before we left Gorak Shep I filmed an interesting ritual of Andi’s. She has notoriously bad feet for hiking and has been patching, covering, padding and nursing her feet during this trek. I had wanted to see just what she was doing and now I know. She has a very thorough system of zinc oxide tape from South Africa, lambs wool and various bunion pads that hold her feet together. It all looks extremely painful but it’s not slowing her down at all. She has a lot of experience with hiking on those feet and so she’s been really proactive about maintaining them. So far her podiatry is paying off–she’s having the time of her life and her feet are hardly concerning her at all.

It’s a great lesson that all-too-often get’s overlooked. Keep your feet healthy while on a trek to Everest! Thanks for schooling everyone, Andi!

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 38:14

  • Gerald Cross

    Can’t wait to watch it. I’m sure it will be very informative as usual. Keep up the good work.

  • Dunkin

    I just finished watching this episode, and really enjoyed it! lots of good information for a trekker, but i was wondering where I can get this particular brand of zinc oxide tape thas Andi mentioned. I generally use mole skin to treat hot spots but always have issues keeping it in place or sticking to a wet foot.


  • admin

    Hmmm, I’ll have to get back to you on the tape. I’ll ask Andi and see if she can give me the info on the AU retailer she mentions in the episode.

  • I was able to write Andi and received a reply with the name of the special tape she uses on her feet. It’s called Leukotape and is easily found online. It’s even available on Amazon! Here’s the link:


    Hope that helps!

  • Dunkin

    Wonderful thank you so much!

  • tiffani

    Thank you so much for posting this!! I was just getting ready to email you to try to find out how/where to get the tape. I haven’t had luck getting anything to stick to my feet when hiking, so I’m hoping this is the magic cure!!