Episode 141: The Rest of Jon Miller

Nelly Was Right. We continued down the trail today and finally made it back into the trees. It’s always fun to descend beneath the treeline–almost as much fun as passing the treeline on the way up!

The only problem I have with descending to lower altitudes is the fact that the lower you go, the warmer it gets. I can hike all day every day when it’s cold out and I can easily control my body heat by adding a layer or removing one. Unfortunately, when we’re hiking in warm weather I’m not in control anymore and the heat really saps my energy.

Luckily there was something I could do today to help myself out: get rid of the long underwear!

I think I put my long underwear bottoms on around Dingbotche on the way up and have been quite comfortable in them until today, but they had to come off. Now, me being myself and since I’m not a terribly modest person I dropped trou right there on the trail. I mean, where else was I going to go?

I surprised Megan a bit with that but, really, there was nothing to see besides my white pasty knees. I have developed a real trekker tan where my face and neck are nicely tan and my hands are tan up to the wrist. Everything else is white as snow.

It’s going to look pretty weird when I get home and am wearing short sleeve t-shirts again…

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 34:01