Rest of Everest Season 5 Overview: Tibet In 3D

A New Dimension In The Himalayas. Season 5 of The Rest of Everest begins this week with a special episode of the podcast. This is definitely a first because everything you’re about to see was filmed in 3D.

I’m very proud to be able to offer this new kind of video and excited that this is the first 3D material to be filmed in Tibet. There’s palpable texture to the episode that is unlike anything I’ve ever released before.

This episode provides a brief summary of our trek to Everest’s wild East Side (The Kangshung Face) but I have so much more footage of the experience. As usual, the trip in it’s entirety will be released in episode of the show.

To get the most out of this 3D podcast you’ll need red and blue “anaglyph” glasses. If you happen to have some sitting around from a DVD or movie theater they will work perfectly. If you don’t have any and would like to experience The Rest of Everest in 3D, anaglyph glasses are easy to find on the Internet through a quick search.

If you’re not interested or 3D simply gives you a headache, jump to the middle of the episode where all of the video repeats in standard 2D just as normal.

Enjoy! Regular Season 5 episodes begin next week.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 52:16