Episode 148: A 365-Step Program

A Toursit, Not A Sherpa Shortcut. Today was a day of many rituals. The entire team has arrived and so it was time to get back to business. Firts order of the day? One of the infamous Thamel haircut/massages!

After the shave/haircut/massage/chiro adjustment with Geoff it was time to explore around the Kathmandu Valley a bit. There are more temples here than any other place in the world but we are on a limited time budget before heading off for Tibet. So, we picked the “big” ones to explore and headed off towards Swayambhunath–popularly known by tourists as “The Monkey Temple” for obvious reasons. There are, er, a lot of monkeys living on, in and around the temple grounds.

The Temple is located high up on a hill and has a long, steep staircase leading up from the bottom to the top where the stupa resides. As it turns out, the extremely steep hillside contains 365 steps. One step for each day of the year. Have I mentioned how steep the staircase is?

Luckily I’ve been here many times before and know that there is a road that winds up the back side of the hill where taxis and busses can drop tourists right off at a ticket gate.

I know many of us would rather take the pilgrimage route up the steep staircase to Swayambhunath instead of being dropped off at the top but it was not to be. No worries though. We can walk down the steps today. We’ll have plenty of opportunities over the next few weeks to walk up steep hillsides…

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 33:45