Episode 149: The Marquardt Scale

Everybody Poops. The thing is, most people don’t want to talk bout it. But when you’re traveling in the himalayas, what comes out of your body is just as vital to know about as what goes into your body.

It’s even more important to know these details when we’re trekking at high altitude. If you’re not feeling well, the consequences to your hiking performance can be enormous. IF you can’t get from point A to point B, well, then, there’s a problem.

The Marquardt Scale came about out of the 2009 trekking group’s need to quickly, succinctly and emphatically give the leaders of the group this vital intestinal information. Yes, Chris came up with the scale and then realized that it was extensible. I’ll let the episode we do on The Scale explain all of that.

What I can say here, is that The Marquardt Scale has become an invaluable reference for me and anyone who joins us for these trips. I think it should be adopted as an international standard.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 28:27