Episode 151: A Long Way To Travel To See A Friend

What A Journey, But Totally Worth It. Today we finally returned to the Kathmandu airport after several days of sightseeing and hanging out in Thamel. Our destination today? Lhasa, Tibet!

That’s right today we finally flew back into Tibet. It feels so great to be back here as I haven’t been back since Scott Jacobs and I visited in 2007. That seems like and eternity ago.

Most importantly, though, was the fact that I was able to greet my dear friend and guide Lobsang in person. When we walked off of the plane and went through customs I was jittery with excitement because even though I couldn’t see Lobsang, I knew he was waiting for us right around the corner.

You see, Lobsang and I became close friends over the week Scott and I spent with him in 2007 but our friendship has grown stronger over the intervening years due to lots of emails and Skype calls to his mobile phone. In 2008 when China closed the Tibet border, effectively sealing Tibet off from all tourist traffic, Lobsang was basically out of a job. IT was then that I turned to you, my incredible podcast audience for assistance in helping Lobsang and his family. Your generosity was astounding and it literally made it possible for his family (he lives with his other and Sister) to survive. I thought he’d use the donations to keep his mobile phone bill up to date but instead the donations actually went towards all of the basic necessities like food and school tuition for his younger sister!

That entire experience brought Lobsang and I much closer and when I finally saw him in the airport waiting for us I ran up to him and gave him a huge bear hug. I’ll admit it, there were a few tears flowing from both of us. It was just so wonderful to see each other in person again and to know that we’ve got weeks of time to work together, talk together and basically just hang out together on this trip.

He’s also told me that his mother wants to meet me and give me a gift. I feel honored beyond belief.

It’s amazing the paths this life takes us on!

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 27:52

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