Episode 157: The Roger Huff Show

New Laughter From Old Jokes. We spent the night here in Gyangtse and spent the morning touring the Palcho Monastery. It’s a wonderful place to visit but one of the most interesting events of the day happened well before setting foot inside the monastery’s walls.

Just after breakfast Roger, Thilo and Kevin were poking around outside of the restaurant when they were spotted by a group of schoolgirls. With all of our camera gear it’s no surprise that we’re a bunch of photographers and the girls asked to have their picture taken. When they discovered that these men also spoke English, the girls saw an opportunity to practice their school lessons and invited the travelers into another restaurant full of still more schoolgirls!

I was busy planning the day’s activities with Lobsang so I didn’t get to see any of this happen but luckily Kevin filmed everything. All I can say is, the boys were a hit–especially Roger who is a schoolteacher in Japan when he’s not eliciting a cacophony of laughter from Tibetan schoolgirls.

Where’s a good rimshot when you need it? Maybe at the Badum Ba Ching Monastery…

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 29:55