Episode 165: Women’s Work?

Sleeping The Sleep Of The Just. The Just Plain Tired. Our first full day trekking towards Everest’s Kangshung Face was epic and exhausting so we were treated today to some much deserved rest. Apparently we were never meant to walk as far as we did yesterday but unfortunately the planned campsite didn’t have a usable water source.

Now that we’ve all had a good night’s sleep I have to say that I’m quite impressed with our current camp and it’s bountiful natural amenities. We have a box canyon at our backs which means there’s no wind. The scenery to our front consists of beautiful snow-capped peaks. The yaks seem to have plenty of grass to graze on. We even solved the water issue with a clear, cold stream that flows gently through camp. All in all a nice place to spend a couple of nights!

The stream also became a source of entertainment as Erin, Damion and Stephan took the opportunity to do some laundry. Well, more specifically I think Erin did laundry for all three of them. I’m going to chock that up as one of the wonders of Tibet. There’s even rumor that they went swimming.

Later in the day a small team decided to make their way up to what looked like a cave high up on the far side of the canyon. While they were up there the high vantage point provided a good view of the steep trail we descended yesterday. Apparently it wasn’t really a trail at all but the dry remnants of what can only be described as a waterfall!

That descent was incredibly difficult for everyone but I shudder to think what it would have been like it the water was flowing. Did we get off easy this time? I wonder what other challenges this wild trek has to offer?

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 36:55