Episode 166: See The Forrest For The Trees

It’s My Show, I Can Do What I Want! All rested up, we left our camp this morning and headed out to make more progress towards Everest’s Kangshung Face.

This trek has already shown us several surprises. The most striking surprise has been the absolute absence of people besides our group. We’re on our own and it’s very cool. Today the next striking surprise was revealed to us.┬áTREES!

That’s right, we walked right into a forrest today. Now, it wasn’t a large forrest but it was dense and full of pine trees and Rhododendrons. Absolutely beautiful–especially because it provided some nice shade during the hot morning and had abundant views of high peaks around every corner. I really wasn’t expecting to see any trees on this trek. This is certainly not my first time on the Tibetan Plateau and the one thing I just don’t associate with Tibet is trees. Especially at our current altitude of over 4000m or 13,000ft. Obviously this stand of trees is a bit unique and they’re pushing the envelope of existence.

As I walked among the trees I began to realize that I was extremely happy, almost giddy. In fact things got a bit silly on and off camera as I filmed myself enjoying the morning. I guess it just goes to show how important trees are to our psyche.

Yes, folks, you heard it here first. Trees are good.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 37:57

  • Bob Mckinney

    I expected the blue sign to read, “You have reached the end of the planet. Civilazation does not exist beyond this point. Go back you have finished.”