Episode 167: Poolside On The Plateau

Uniquely Something Special. We finished our beautiful day of trekking towards Everest’s Kangshung Face by descending into an amazing campsite. Tonight our little backcountry village has been set up in a stunning alpine cirque at the shore of a small glacial lake.

I find myself searching for superlatives to describe these places we’ve been walking through. Beautiful. Amazing. Stunning and the like.

Of course, words completely fail to do these places justice. You really have to be here to fully comprehend and understand. I hope that the video I’m filming will at least provide a small glimpse of how special this part of the world is.

But there’s a larger part of this experience that I know video will never be able to convey. The visual beauty of this part of Tibet is totally eclipsed by something that’s even more difficult to describe: the feeling of this place. I’ve mentioned it before but I don’t know if I’ve ever been able to do the concept justice. Everest doesn’t exist by itself and the act of visiting the mountain or climbing it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Every step of the journey has a kind of richness to it that’s tangible and real when you’re here but dissipates into the ether when you return to your everyday life.

It’s not just the sense of adventure or camaraderie we’re experiencing. This LAND has a certain mystical quality to it that you can actually feel. This is one of the reasons I film as extensively as I can on these trips. It’s not to simply share the trekking experience with the world but to try and bottle some of that feeling.

I guess all I can do is to do my best to describe what I’m experiencing and hope that people will be inspired by what they’ve seen. Inspired enough to come out here and experience all of this for themselves.

If that’s the case then my failure will be successful.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 34:17