Episode 174: Snow Day

NOT Anatomically Correct. The Team wakes to a surprise at Camp Teacup of a substantial amount of snow on the ground. In fact there’s so much snow that the departure for a return to Camp Mango is delayed by a few hours.

What to do, what to do? Why, build a snowman of course!

After the conditions improve the group heads out for the descent back to Camp Mango where Christine, Erin, Sonam and I are waiting for them. Surprisingly enough, it’s not the yaks that make it into camp first. Instead of the furry beasts of burden arriving into camp well ahead of the group, the first to make it in are the only slightly furry Lobsang, Chimi and Shakeel!

The rest of the Team arrives in short time and we spend a lovely (yet rainy) evening recounting stories from the past few days. It’s hard to believe what a beautiful weather window the group had for the trip up to Everest’s Kangshung Face. That window has now closed!

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 39:38