Episode 179: Hills, Sky, Clouds, Wooo!

A Lunar Landscape. We stopped for a “bio-break” along the Friendship Highway several hours after leaving Everest Base Camp. I think most people think of jagged peaks when they think of Tibet and the Everest region. Lucky for us, that’s not always the case.

We stopped our caravan of Land Cruisers in this beautiful little valley surrounded by rolling hills and grasslands. I’ve seen plenty of rolling hills and grasslands in my life, but there was just something unique about this particular spot. First of all there wasn’t a tree in sight but still that’s not unusual up here at altitude. There was just something different…about this place.

Maybe it was the the way the grass made the hills appear to be made out of velvet. Maybe it was the deep blue of the high-altitude sky. Maybe it was the brightness of the sun or the way the shadows from the clouds danced over the hills. Hard to say.

Thinking about it, well, it was probably everything including the feeling of success we were all feeling. The team had made it to two sides of Mount Everest, Chomolungma, in less than two weeks. We’d accomplished what we came here to do and I think that gives you a certain heightened appreciation for every minute detail in life.

It was probably also the feeling of family we we’re all experiencing. We’ve been through a lot together and the trekkers and staff are one big team now. That’s a hard feeling to adequately put into words.

Then again what we were experiencing might also be the simple joy of being in the wilds of Tibet…

It’s times like these when I have to think, “Am I in the middle of Nowhere, or am I in the middle of Everything?”

Jon Miller
Total Running Time: 29:02