Season 6 Update

Hi Everyone, Jon Miller here.

I just wanted to give a quick update on Season 6. I was hoping to begin releasing episodes of the Broad Peak and K2 climb with Brian Block this month. As it turns out it will have to wait until the beginning of March.

The delay is good news for me though, as in a few hours I’ll be flying out of Denver on my way to The southern tip of Argentina to jump on a boat and venture to Antarctica.

I was given the chance┬áto go to Antarctica just 2 days ago and just had to jump at the opportunity. Thank you to my wife Heidi for pushing me to go. She’s the best.

Anyway, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks and then will start recording episodes for Season 6.

You can follow my spontaneous adventure (or at least as much as I can post about it) on twitter and Facebook where I can be found at @restofjonmiller

Thanks for your understanding, see you in a few weeks!