Season 6 Introduction: K2 & Broad Peak

Beyond Everest. Today I am officially launching Season 6 of the show and so, as always, I think it’s best to give you an overview of what to expect.

Over the past few years I’ve been able to show you the whole experience of climbing and visiting Everest. Together we’ve looked down from the summit and looked up from the base at the South Side, the North Side and even the rarely visited East side.

It’s been 10 full years since my first time visiting the World’s highest mountain and it’s a little hard to believe that I’ve visited Everest 5 times! Now, I know I’ll return many more times but one thing I’ve learned from visiting Everest is that, well, there’s so much more out there than simpy Everest.

For Season 3 of the show I launched the “Beyond Everest” series as Ben Clark took us to the magnificent Annapurna IV. A4 was an amazing experience and made me realize I wanted to do more expedition episodes like that in the future.

Back in  2010 and just a few days after I returned home from the Kangshung Face Workshop and Trek, Ben Clark told me about a climber here in Northern Colorado that was going to be heading to Pakistan to climb in the Karakoram. His name was Brian Block and I met him personally and we immediately struck up a friendship. A few days later Brian, all of my SD cards, one of my cameras and all of my sat gear were headed out to Pakistan. His goal was to attempt (for the 2nd time) to summit the world’s 2nd highest peak, the famous 8611m or 28,251 ft K2. This trip was going to be different from his original 2007 attempt though. This time he was also going to attempt a summit of 8051m or 26,414 ft Broad Peak, the 12th highest mountain in the world. Many climbers use Broad Peak as a warm up for K2.

Yep, I had another Beyond Everest series in the works!

Brian has been climbing mountains for over 20 years even though he grew up in the midwest of the United States. Yep, he’s from the very-lacking-in-mountains-state of Iowa. That lack of mountains sure hasn’t stopped him though, Not only is he an Everest summiter (and yes he filmed that expedition too,  so stay tuned), he recently completed the 7 Summits a few weeks ago by topping out on Kilimanjaro in February.

When he’s not climbing, he spends as much time as possible with his family while his day job is as a manufacturer representative for several well known outdoor equipment brands like Marmot and Osprey and Scarpa among others.

This Broad Peak and K2 expedition was the first one he’s ever filmed and he did and incredible job at it. The footage he brought back will give you a good idea of what an expedition to this infamous yet lesser known part of the world is like. Many times you’ll see that certain aspects of big mountain expeditions are very similar. A lot of the time it will remind you of all the past episodes of The Rest of Everest but the culture and landscapes have some big differences and I’m excited to show all of that.

The Himalayas are vast and while Nepal and Tibet are always incredible, let’s spend the next few months exploring beyond Everest. I think you’re really going to enjoy it.

So get ready, because next week, we’re heading to Islamabad.

See you then.

Jon Miler

Total Running Time: 4:26