Episode 183: The Karakoram Highway

Keep Your Eyes on the Road. The 2010 K2 & Broad Peak expedition begins in earnest as Brian Block arrives in Islamabad, Pakistan to meet his team and collect his gear.

The team then begins the long journey to K2 & Broad Peak and fly to Gilgit to try and bypass as much of the infamous Karakoram Highway (KKH) as possible. It’s a 45 minute flight that eliminates 24 hours of driving. Their next stop is the town of Skardu and with no flights available, they have to load up in a bus and drive the remainder of the way along the KKH. It’s a nail biting ride through deep gorges and around blind corners all the while skirting steep, unprotected drop-offs. After driving on the KKH, the team is looking forward to the relative relaxation of climbing K2, the “Savage Mountain”!

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 32:10