Episode 185: Porter Draft 2010

Over-The-Shoulder Boulder-Holder. Before leaving Askole for the beginning of the approach trek to Broad Peak and K2 the team turn their gear over to a large community of porters for transport up the Baltoro.

Much like in Nepal for Everest climbs, mountaineering teams depend heavily on porters to carry the endless supplies up to base camp for climbs on K2 as well as Broad Peak and Gasherbrum I, Gasherbrum II and several other popular peaks in the vicinity. However, before materials can be carried they must be divided up into 25Kg loads and only then are they given to porters.

In the past the distribution of loads to porters in Askole has been a free=for-all which was inefficient and occasionally resulted in fights between porters. Now, the expedition materials are kept out of the hands of the porters until each man is handed, one by one, their 25Kg load.

After the supplies distributed, Brian and the rest of the team head out on the 10 mile hike up to their first trekking camp, Jhula (3100m). ┬áThe next day they trek up to Paiyu Camp (3407m) where they get to spend a rest day and enjoy the camp’s laundry facilities!

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 32:44