Episode 190: 5 Dudes in a Tent

Tickling The Mountain. The warm-up to K2 continues as Brian and the rest of the Broad Peak team establish Camp 1 by setting up tents and caching gear.

The glorious, sunny and windless days have ended and some bad weather descends on the climbers forcing them back to base camp for a few days. Although they’re able to emerge from BC and ascend back to Camp 1 for an night of acclimatization, their plans to make a carry to Camp 2 are delayed due to avalanche danger from a fresh snowfall.

No problem though, it’s all part of the climb.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 33:08

  • Tannet Forks

    I have seen this video 3 times. I have become a fan of this video and your blog. Can you post more video like this?