Episode 191: Landing The MI-17

WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP. In order to let the avalanche danger on Broad Peak settle down a bit, Brian and the rest of the team spend some quality time at their home-away-from-home; Base Camp.

In addition to entertaining themselves with the familiar base camp electronics like iPods, DVD players and laptops…the team kicks it old-school with favorites Jenga and Monopoly. This is easier said than done since the floor of the dining tent is uneven rock and glacial ice!

Later, it becomes clear that one of the trekkers associated with Brian’s climbing team has become stricken with a bad case of Acute Mountain Sickness. Since the best treatment for AMS is descent to lower altitude, and Broad Peak Base Camp is at least an 8-day walk from the nearest medical facilities, a helicopter evacuation is ordered. But not your typical helicopter this time. No, en route to Broad Peak is an enormous Russian MI-17 “flying bus” that can hold up to 30 people! A mad rush ensues to secure tents and belongings so that the rotor wash from the chopper doesn’t blow Base Camp from the face of the Baltoro Glacier.

Jon Miller

Total Running Time: 27:14